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visitor attractions

pieces commissioned by Peter Key Sound Design and Production


The Mary Rose Museum (2016) - 'The Mary Rose Revealed': music composer


Epic Ireland Dublin (2016) - ambient sound design


Cittadella Visitors' Centre Gozo (2016) - Experience Gozo film: music composer


Royal Museums Greenwich (2015) - Samuel Pepys exhibit : music arrangement


Parliament Education Centre London (2015) - History of Parliament film : music composer and sound designer

Angry Birds Activity Park St Petersburg (2015) - Mine shaft and mirror maze attractions : sound design and music

Coca Cola London Eye (2014) - Short audio logo : sound design


video games


Battler Towers 2 (2015) - iOS & android video game : music composer

Royal Horse Racing (2014) - iOS & android video game : composer and sound designer

Pirates of Everseas (2013) - iOS & android video game : composer and sound designer

Battle Towers (previously 'Equilibrium') (2010) - iOS & android video game : composer

positive fx studio


Positive fx studio is a film production company based in East Anglia. Nick has worked closly with positive fx providing music composition and audio services. For more info please visit www.positivefxstudio.co.uk


Tel: +44 7447 596685 +44 7447 596685


53 Tollgate Lane
Bury St. Edmunds

IP32 6BS

Latest Project:

The Mary Rose Museum - Portsmouth

nickmaymusic provided a music score to accompany a film that is projected onto the Mary Rose wrekage. 

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