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composer Nick May can provide high quality, custom composed music to perfectly work with your project. Please see the projects page for a more complete list of clients, but to name a few, Nick has provided music for...


museums and visitor attractions such as the Parliament Education Centre in London and Angry Birds Activity Park in St Petersberg.   


video games such as Battle Towers (which has had over 1 million players worldwide) and Pirates of Everseas, a stratagy game avialable on iOS and Andriod.


promotional films - Nick has provided music for many web-based promotional and corporate films, working closly with the multi-media company Positive FX

music examples

Below are just few examples of music from various projects


Tel: +44 7447 596685 +44 7447 596685


53 Tollgate Lane
Bury St. Edmunds

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Latest Project:

The Mary Rose Museum - Portsmouth

nickmaymusic provided a music score to accompany a film that is projected onto the Mary Rose wrekage. 

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